At Síndic Hotel we are delighted with all kinds of initiatives that make our beautiful city shine even more.

In this way, we want you to participate in the initiative that takes place from 14 to 20 May of which we are collaborators and we contribute our grain of sand so that our streets get all their splendor.

Maó + Flors has been celebrated for 11 years now, very special days because a floral decoration has been added to the busiest and most historic points of the capital. A place that hosts a variety of cultural and artistic events derived from this event.

We enclose you a map of the different floral points in which you will find us in the number 83.

Do not hesitate to come and see how our entrance and façade of the nineteenth century has been decorated by beautiful Diplademias.

Special mention to Es Bosc, local company which is our collaborator in floral themes.