Boutique Hotel on the Historic Center of Mahon

Síndic Hotel is a charming hotel situated on Mahon Historic Center (Menorca) on Street San Roque, exclusive setting of the San Roque Portal, last visible remains of the wall, commanded to be constructed by Peter IV in 1359 bordering with the ancient medieval wall, assets declared as Cultural Interest Goods(CIG),

Our guests may enjoy this piece of history on the surroundings of the Hotel bar-café.

Our charming hotel has 8 unique rooms, roof terrace( ``El Ático´´) with an exterior 2.5 x 4meters inox-spa, views to Mahon historic center and to Mahon Harbour, reception service,concierge, breakfast and “Honesty Bar”.


Síndic Hotel owes its name to the position held by the ancestors of the actual hotel owners whom were Apostolic Syndics of Mahon San Francisco Convent since 1650 until 1826.